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Going Back To School: Pros And Cons


  • Back to school shopping.
  • Uh…my mind can’t think of any.
  • Um…I’ll get back to you on this?


  • Less time to read.
  • Less time to write.
  • Less time to blog.

Can a kind soul convince my parents to let me take the year off, so I can focus on the things that matter (i.e. books and blogs)?


Aspiring Writer’s Birthday Wishlist

I am penning a wishlist and publishing it on this blog even though nobody in my family visits this site except one of my cousins. And he comes on here occasionally when he’s really, really bored. Emphasis on the really, really bored part.


Anything that I do not currently own and have not read is the ideal gift. Ha, good luck with that.


I am dying to go back to school shopping. Most of what I buy isn’t even used for school related purposes. Stationery fuels my writing life. Pens, notebooks, paper, and just about anything else you can imagine.


For those days where I need a bit of inspiration. However, I detest my aforementioned cousin’s taste in songs. I should feel sorry but I don’t.

A publishing deal

*Insert fading laughter…AHAHAHAHAHahahahaha*

Here’s to many happy birthdays.


Everything I Love About Summer


In particular, it’s my 17th birthday this year. Here’s to growing up and getting old.


There is more daylight, which is fantastic, because I prefer reading in natural light.


I love eating in the summer. Give me a tub of ice cream and I will love you forever.


The best season to shop is the summer. When I’m not wearing as many layers.


Some days I feel like I have an endless amount of time to enjoy life. It never lasts.