Personal Reflection

Silence | What I Love | October 2016

I love silence. I love being silent.

Sometimes I don’t want to talk. More like most of the time. Sometimes I can’t talk. I still remember getting my tonsils removed, and I kid you not, I didn’t mind not being able to speak properly for days.

But I think people who understand my silence deserve a reward of some sort. Thanks for understanding that I don’t always want to talk. That, in rare cases, I physically can’t make sounds with my vocal cords.

I’m not trying to come off as rude. If I do, I’m sorry. I figure it’s better to say too little than to say too much. Or better yet, maybe say nothing at all.


4 Types Of Followers

The silent one.

The stranger turned friend.

At one point, you didn’t know he or she even existed. But over time, you get to know them. What more could you possibly ask for?

The friend turned stranger. 

The most tragic one of all. Once you were close. Now you’re not.

The awesome, fantastic, most perfect person in the world. 

I don’t think I need to elaborate further.

Creative Writing

Define Success

Remember what is important

Success is defined by you

Sometimes your failures are kept silent

Just let the successes shine through

Personal Reflection

The Hypocrite That I Am

I know being angry is stupid and futile. But I still get angry.

Instead of trying to solve a problem, I make it worse.

Rather than talking and discussing, I clam up and stay silent.

I hate this about myself. Yet I continue to do it.