Perfect World Versus Real Life: NaNoWriMo

Perfect World Versus Real Life-NaNoWriMo

In a perfect world:

  • Inspiration strikes.
  • Outline madly.
  • Write easily.
  • Create art.

In real life:

  • Sit.
  • Scream.
  • Cry.
  • Repeat.

5 Common Mistakes Writers Make

I am using the term “writers” generally. Like I always do. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

  1. They make excuses. Stop complaining. Start doing.
  2. They sit still. Words don’t write themselves.
  3. They play it safe. Risk everything and then risk some more.
  4. They hope for miracles. I don’t believe in them.
  5. They give up. Enough said.
Personal Reflection

How I Would Describe Myself

Most—who am I kidding? Not you and certainly not me. Every day, I sit and think. I’m constantly asking questions. About my life, about the world, about anything really.

So today while I sat and thought and asked, I also answered.

I pondered over how I would describe myself in as few words as possible.

My answer: Outspoken introvert.

I’d like to believe it’s a very accurate description of who I am.

Of course, I invite you to sit and think and ask: How would you describe yourself?