My Studying Routine

  1. Put off studying for as long as possible.
  2. Think about studying.
  3. Plan what I’ll study.
  4. Plan when I’ll study.
  5. Plan where I’ll study.
  6. Consider how to study.
  7. Wonder whether I can get away with not studying.
  8. Decide I probably can’t get away with not studying unless I want to fail, which I don’t.
  9. Tell my friends I really need to start studying.
  10. Tell myself I need to start studying right now.
  11. Finally start studying.
  12. Look at everything I need to study.
  13. Sigh.
  14. Read notes.
  15. Drink water.
  16. Write notes.
  17. Look at how much more I still need to study.
  18. Sigh again.
  19. Finish studying.
  20. Try to sleep in order to consolidate all the information I just studied.

Not Studying Grammar

It hasn’t hit me yet that I have a 3 hour grammar test tomorrow.

I had every intention to study. But I haven’t.

I was going to read a book about grammar. I didn’t open it.

Then again, I figure reading general books that have nothing to do with grammar will expose me to good sentence construction.

I’ve also been trying to convince myself that my grasp of grammar isn’t too shabby. I’m a writer, after all. How bad can my grammar be?


Motivating Myself To Study

I’m going to motivate myself to study for my last exam by writing a post about it.

I have nothing to lose. So here goes nothing…

To Future Herminia,

Stop what you’re doing right now, whatever it is.

Get off your phone.

Grab your notes and read them. Review them.

Sit down or stand up. It doesn’t matter. So long as you start studying.

Read the first word. Read the next word. Read one sentence. Read one paragraph. Read one page. 

Take it one word at a time, one page at a time. 

Break up the work into smaller tasks. Take a break between each task.

Make a connection. Make even more connections.

Reward yourself after you get something done, not beforehand.


Calm down.

You got this. 

You can do it.

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Blogging As A Way Of Studying

I’ve been flirting with the idea of creating a blog to help me study for my exams.

I don’t know if I will. I might though.

The idea appeals to me. Creating a blog beats reading a textbook any day. Although I should probably read and review through my notes.

I’m going to sleep soon and see how I feel tomorrow about all this.


Things Writers Do

Three things writers do more often than not:

Writers listen. 

Very well. Don’t be surprised when we remember what you said last week in the evening after dinner.

Writers study people.

No, we’re not stalking you. We have better things to do. 

Writers dream and daydream. 

Let us. And forgive us. 


Writing An Exam I Barely Studied For

What have I been doing?

Not studying.

Where have I been?

I was at school, writing an exam I barely studied for.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I can’t recommend cramming, ever.
  • I don’t advise anyone to follow in my faint footsteps.
  • I wouldn’t attempt it again in a perfect world, but since the world isn’t perfect, I probably will write many more exams with very minimal studying and preparation beforehand.

Why didn’t I study?

Because I had other things to do. You can’t expect a writer and blogger and reader to devote all her time being a student. If you do, you have unrealistic expectations.

How am I?

Not great. February flew by way too quickly. I spent the month watching my productivity levels skyrocket…to the ground. And beyond. To the core of earth. Nothing is where I want it to be. Nothing is going in the direction it should be. But that’s okay. It’s March. It’s a new month. Get ready. Get excited. You can be I will be writing Camp NaNoWriMo blog posts instead of studying for exams. Haven’t you met me?


A Step-By-Step Guide to Conquering Essays

I forgot to share my SLN article.

It’s called, Take That, Essay!” A Step-By-Step Guide to Conquering Essays For Good and writing the article basically made me pick my own brain. Then mold all the advice I could come up into coherent sentences.

The tips might not work for you. So take what does and throw away what doesn’t.

I hope the guide helps you or helps someone you share it with. Having someone in your debt is always a good thing.

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A Writer Studying For A Kinesiology Exam

She opens the textbook.

She sees a word.

She looks up the origin of said word.

She closes the textbook.

She repeats this process several times.