On Submitting My Work To Writing Contests

I have no problem writing all the time. But submitting is a whole other story. I feel bad but clearly not that bad.

The thought of submitting seems so daunting. I need to break it down into smaller steps. I should start somewhere.

For me, the act of starting anything tends to be the hardest part more often than not. Once I start however, I find that the work isn’t so bad.

I’m not sure how I managed to submit stuff in the past. The first time was about six years ago. I entered a contest just for fun. Little did I know I’d end up being published.

Last year I submitted a story right before exam season. As you can see, I had my priorities straight. It worked out because I got the story published and didn’t fail any of my exams.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any negative consequences if I don’t submit. I have a lot to gain, but nothing to lose. Perhaps I should create my own consequences for being a lazy potato.

I like to think I’ll figure things out. I’m still learning, and I have more to learn.

At the very least, I know what I want to accomplish. Now I just have to get to work.


I’m Submitting My Writing Again

It’s about time.

As a 21-year-old, I’m not a teenager anymore. So I’ve become ineligible for a lot of contests I’ve submitted to before. But I don’t feel like an adult either. I’m not a professional writer.

I have a ton of poems I’d like to get published somewhere. Hopefully, something works out.

In addition to my creative writing, I’ll try to write an essay every now and then for scholarships. I’m still a student. I graduate next year though, which kind of freaks me out.

I love but also hate not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see what’s in store.

These days, I feel more motivated. I want to do more and do better.

If I want to have something to show the world, first I need to show up.


On Eligibility 

It’s so exciting to stumble upon a writing competition I can actually apply to.

A internship or scholarship even. 

Anything really. I’m not asking for that much. 

Now if only I can get myself to sit down and start submitting. 


Submitting My Soul Away, Fame, And Unicorns

Whenever I submit something anywhere, I always feel like I’m submitting my soul away. Writing is and always will be personal. Letting someone else read what I have written is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. At least for me it is.

On one hand, I guess I shouldn’t really care too much. After all, it’s not like these competition judges/editors/writers know who I am. Which makes me wonder what happens when you’re famous. When everyone and their moms know your name. Then you have expectations to meet, standards to uphold.

I swear on anything, fame will be the death of me. That’s why I will enjoy my life right now when nobody really knows me. And I will try not to do anything insanely crazy, stupid, or astonishing. If I do, then I will pray that I won’t suddenly be in the spotlight and become so well known that I can’t live a normal, peaceful life.

I know I totally digressed from my point about submitting my soul away. So I guess I should end my post here before I start talking about unicorns and rainbows.

Then again, I’ve always wanted to write a story about a unicorn and incorporate the symbolic meaning of a rainbow into my novel.

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What Every Writer Ought To Do Over The Summer

Summer is almost here! I can’t believe time has passed by so quickly. I am definitely looking forward to being more productive this summer by writing, reading, dancing, and blogging more. Exams (for me) start next week but I have already started to plan out what I am going to do after exams.

So without further ado, I will generalize my plans to suit the title of what writers should try to do or at least think about doing during the summer months. When summer comes, you won’t be bored.

  1. Start a blog if you haven’t already
  2. If you do have a blog, continue maintaining it by posting frequently
  3. Start a Twitter account if you haven’t already or continue making a prescence for yourself online
  4. Organize your gigantic collection of books
  5. Submit work to online contests/competitions and everywhere possible because you never know what may come out of it
  6. Clean your work space up to declutter your mind
  7. Write a novel or two
  8. Learn a new skill you always wanted to learn, whatever that may be
  9. Take some time and reward yourself doing whatever makes you happy (e.g. yoga, knitting, cooking)
  10. Practice your craft, hone your skills, and sharpen your pencils
  11. Keep a journal or diary for the entire summer
  12. Make mistakes and learn from them
  13. Catch up on some sleep for all the nights you stayed up late to meet a deadline
  14. Try to believe in yourself, in your voice, in your work, and in everything that you do
  15. Read, read, read!