25 Signs You Might Be A Writer

  1. You go on Twitter when you shouldn’t.
  2. You cheat on your current work in progress with shiny new story ideas.
  3. You bribe yourself to write using cake as a reward.
  4. You start eating while working.
  5. You make a mess.
  6. You watch crumbs fall into the crevices of your keyboard.
  7. You talk to yourself.
  8. You imagine your manuscripts being turned into movies.
  9. You realize that would require you to finish writing your novels first.
  10. You love your story but you hate it too.
  11. You also have a love-hate relationship with your characters.
  12. You want to cuddle your characters, but you need them to suffer too.
  13. You enjoy watching people suffer.
  14. You roll your eyes when your characters don’t follow your outlines.
  15. You wonder if you should even bother outlining in the first place.
  16. You don’t listen to other people’s advice.
  17. You liking giving advice about writing.
  18. You almost never practice what you preach.
  19. You stare at people all the time.
  20. You consider inserting yourself into a story before thinking better of it.
  21. You daydream more than you dream.
  22. You know weird facts about random topics.
  23. You can procrastinate like a professional.
  24. You work way too hard and you’re paid way too little.
  25. You write.

10 Things Writers Do And Can Relate To

Writers do a lot of awesome things.

  1. Writers write. On the flip side, we also do everything we can to put off writing as long as possible.
  2. Writers get ink stains. On everything. No? Just me? I will hold my wallet up proudly for all to see and proclaim my status as a wordsmith. Or just a clumsy child who ruins everything she owns.
  3. Writers observe. Not to be confused with stalking. The two are not the same. Obviously, if you write, you would know.
  4. Writers talk to themselves. And to their dogs or cats if they have any.
  5. Writers make characters suffer. It’s part of our job to.
  6. Writers fail. All the time. If you haven’t failed and/or been rejected, who are you? You’re not human. At least, you haven’t taken great risks, lived your life.
  7. Writers drink. Coffee, tea, alcohol. We drink it all. We don’t discriminate.
  8. Writers read everything. Other people’s books, our own stories. We read a lot of words.
  9. Writers play with pens. Click. Click. Click.
  10. Writers dream and daydream. Then we dream some more.

Which of these can you relate to?


First Drafts

They suck. But they don’t have to rot in a drawer or on a computer forever. They can get better. With time and work, they can become a sparkling story.

First drafts are first drafts for a reason.

Don’t stress about being perfect the first time around. Or even the tenth.

You don’t have to get it right on your first try. Unlike other things in life.

So write your first draft.

Put it aside.

Take your time.

Then come back to your initial draft.

Be ready to suffer.

Because you’re going to suffer.

Also, don’t put it aside and never come back either.

Your story deserves better.

You deserve better.

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There Are Two Types Of Angry People In This World

Based on my experience and observation, I have a theory that there are two types of angry people in this world.

Those who get angry and lash out verbally or even physically.

Those who get angry and stay quiet but silently lash out on the inside.

I fall into the latter category.

Hopefully non-writers realize I am a writer. And those who cross me tend to suffer…in my stories.


10 Reasons Why You Never Start An Argument With A Writer

  1. You are completely wrong.
  2. You are not completely right.
  3. You will lose miserably.
  4. You will not win unfortunately.
  5. You will look stupid, ignorant or ridiculous.
  6. You may regret it.
  7. You may ruin your ego.
  8. You may suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  9. You may remember it forever.
  10. You just don’t.