10 Things To Assume About Writers

I know I preach to the choir that one should not assume. But if I know nothing about you except that you’re a writer, I’m going to make an exception.

Here are ten things I associate with writers.

  1. You read. If you’re a writer, you’re a reader. So don’t be surprised if I ask you what you’re currently reading or what novels you’ve enjoyed in the past. Bonding over books is the best type of bonding after all. 
  2. You’re observant. Writers are amazing at observing everything and everyone. Understatement of the year. Maybe you’re secretly a ninja too. As fun as it is to be detail-oriented, that can also drive you insane. Stay sane.
  3. You support other writers. Since you know the struggle better than anyone, why wouldn’t you encourage others who are also struggling.
  4. You have a good grasp of grammar. But I also understand the urge to disregard rules completely. They were made to be broken, right?
  5. You can empathize. You have to put yourself in the shoes of fictional characters all the time. I hope you can do the same with human beings.
  6. You have an online presence. This is especially true if you’re younger. Facebook. Twitter. A blog. A website. At the very least, I’ll be able to stalk you somewhere on the Web. Oh, don’t get me started on the growing pains of social media. I’m getting so old. 
  7. You’re smart. You probably have a wealth of knowledge in that beautiful brain of yours. Care to share?
  8. You like stories. Hearing them and telling them. I hope you have a lot because I’m all ears. Or if you rather listen to mine, I’d be more than willing to bore you to tears.
  9. You’re working on something. Whether it’s a short story or an epic novel, you probably have a work in progress on your plate. Maybe even multiple projects you’re managing at the same time. Multi-tasking is a way of life. 
  10. You write. If all I know about is that you’re a writer, I’m going to suppose more than anything that you write. I’ll likely proceed to wonder what you dabble in. Fiction? Non-fiction? Fantasy? History?

I think it’s relatively safe to assume writers write words.


The Advantages Of Buying Books

Below are some of the advantages of buying books instead of borrowing or stealing them. I hope you don’t do the latter.


New and unused beats second-hand or hundred-hand. I made that up.


What? Don’t tell me you’ve never sniffed a book. This will determine if we can be friends or not.


You can do whatever you want with something that’s yours. Read it. Donate it. Eat it.

Grow your library 

Not satisfied with being good to yourself? You’re also going to…

Support the industry

Bless your heart and soul.

I could think of more if I tried. But I’m not going to try.

Purchasing books is the best thing ever. I don’t care what anyone else says.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments section below. Or, you know, add to my list in your head. That works too.

I wrote about the disadvantages in yesterday’s post.

Happy reading!


You Know What I Love?

No this isn’t one of those “What I Love” blog posts that I publish once a month.

I didn’t want to save it until the next one, which comes out on the 22nd. I just realized I have an essay due that day too. Oh well, I’m a writer. I’ll manage.

So what’s so pressing that I need to say it now, rather than save for later?

I love when bloggers support other bloggers.

It’s even nicer seeing bloggers with a large following follow smaller blogs.

I mean at some point we all had zero followers.

Blogging · Writing

Blogging Community And NaNoWriMo Camaraderie

I keep blogging and returning to this wonderful community because it’s just that lovely.

I feel the same way every November. There’s so much support going around that I can’t stay away.

Unfortunately, encouragement is underrated.

But encouragement is empowerment.

I’m beyond happy to see bloggers and writers coming together to empower each other.


Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

Blogging 201 is happening. Of course I’m participating.

Today’s assignment:

Consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals.

To continue blogging during university (hopefully beyond that too). 

I won’t be blogging every single day in the next four years, but I hope to post as frequently as I can.

To grow aspiringwriter22 by gaining even more followers and views.

It has already exceeded my wildest dreams, gone beyond my craziest expectations. I’m grateful for every follower, every reader, every single one of you.

To support as many bloggers as I can by reading, liking, commenting, or doing whatever else I can.

I wouldn’t be the blogger I am today without all your support.

What are your goals? Remember it’s your blog and your life. So do as you please.

Personal Reflection

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies.

I want to thank you for supporting me and maybe, possibly loving me as well. If that’s the case, the feeling is completely mutual. And I hope it will remain mutual for years to come.

I spent most of my day reading, writing, and of course, blogging. What else would I be doing on this fine Saturday?

Did you spend your Valentine’s Day doing what you love? Did you spend it with the people you love?


Blogging Goes Aganist Every Rule I Was Ever Taught

  1. Don’t talk to strangers.
  2. Don’t make friends online.
  3. Don’t share personal information to people you don’t know.


  • I’d be a terrible blogger if I didn’t comment and reply to my followers.
  • I’d be a horrible person if I didn’t support members of the blogging community.
  • And I’d be a boring nobody if I never revealed anything about myself to you.

Why I Am Not The Same Blogger I Was A Year Ago

Aside from the obvious reasons, there is one which has bothered and affected my blogging activities, despite my attempts to never let anything or anyone ruin my blog.

The number one reason why I am not the same blogger I was a year ago:


This might blow your mind.

Noticed I italicized ‘might’?

I did so deliberately.

In case, what I say doesn’t end up blowing your mind.

Then I won’t get sued.

Since I had the word ‘might’ in italics.

If what I say resonates with you in any way, good.

Let’s be friends.

If the below does not resonate with you at all, that’s fine.

We can still be friends.

I am aware some of you may skip to the end of this post.

That’s okay.

I invite you to do so.

However, I am also sure someone will read this post from beginning to end.

If you do, I’ll reward you.

You should know better than to expect an expensive gift.

Or any gift with monetary value.

If you do not mind waiting, I will reward you when the time is right.

Meaning after I get a job.

And after I have some savings.

As well as an extra bit of money to spend.

Which may be never.

If I end up pursuing a writing career, I doubt I will live life extravagantly.

So all my gifts will be inexpensive.

I digress often.

As you can tell.

The next few sentences will be about blogging.


I am not the same blogger I was a year ago because…

…school sucks the creativity, enthusiasm, humor, originality, and wit out of me.

I am well aware this is an excuse.

And a terrible one too.

But it’s the truth.

School seems to drain my energy these days.

I want to be a better blogger.

I honestly do.

Believe me when I say I am doing my best.

To wrap it all up, I will thank you.

All of you.

Thank you for tolerating me.

Even when I am not at my best.

Thank you for liking me.

Even when I am at my worst. 

Thank you for supporting me.

Even when I am not there for you.

Thank you for encouraging me.

Even when I am depressing or dejecting. 

Thank you for inspiring me.

Even when I am not so inspirational myself.