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What Summer Is Really Like

Happy first day of summer.

Yeah right. More like:

Happy needing to exercise yet never wanting to.

Happy telling yourself every day you’ll spend more time blogging.

Happy trying to read until your tears and sweat fall onto the pages.

Happy hibernating in your own home because it’s too hot to leave the house.

Happy writing an atrocious amount of words even though you don’t have people to see or places to be.

Personal Reflection

Profound Experience-Credits To MP Sharma

Write about one profound experience that has changed your life which involves doing something for someone else.

Thank you MP Sharma for the challenge. It’s a challenge because I don’t usually do anything for anybody. Haha just kidding.

Before I continue, I need to say sorry I was so late on everything. I blame time zone differences, horrible timing, and my flawed self. I will apologize profusely for the rest of my life if you want. Please don’t hate me forever.

On a serious note, she’s the epitome of perfection. Even her most embarrassing moment is perfect. Follow her blog, read her posts, and stalk her. Okay maybe not the latter.

I don’t know if this is supposed to be an award, but I’ll open it up as a prompt instead. My hobby is breaking rules.

Here we go.

A friend of mine was upset. I don’t blame her. Pressure. Problems. People.

She started tearing up at school so I accompanied her to the restroom. Now I’m not someone who’s good with tears. I cry a lot. But I can’t deal with other people crying. I have no idea how to make anybody feel better.

Trying to calm her down was a challenge for me because I was grasping for words and struggling to say the right thing.

It was an eye-opening experience. I’d even say it was a profound one because a handful of people have had the honour of trying to make me feel better. Now I know what it’s like to be the one doing the comforting instead of the one being comforted. This is probably a life skill I need to acquire.

Well I did joke about not doing anything for anybody. It’s true; I’m selfish like that.

Creative Writing

You’ll Never Know…

The asterisks are there to help clarify where every stanza ends and begins. Enjoy!

You’ll never know how alone she felt

In her room with no way out

You’ll never see the tears she cries

In this world where everyone lies


She is sick and tired of screaming

Torn apart from endless nights crying

She would do anything to trade her life

To forget about cutting herself with a knife


She clung on to find something more

You don’t know about the masks she wore

To hide from reality, from herself

From everybody, everyone else


You’ll never know about her pain

Especially when she’s labelled insane

She held on to a string of hope

And survived walking on a tightrope


When life or death is a second away

Will she live another day?

Everyone thinks she is okay

Until she proclaims there is no other way


You’ll never know how alone she felt

In her room with no way out

You’ll never see the tears she cries

In this world where everyone lies


You’ll never see what she tries to hide

see what she tries to hide

she tries to hide

to hide


This is a poem I wrote for my English class and the topic is incredibly personal to me. Still I’d love to hear your feedback on it.