Don’t Tell Other People’s Stories; Tell Your Own

Stories are special because we’re able to share our lived experiences with others.

If people want to tell their story, they will. Listen because you never know what you might learn.

Almost any experience can be a story. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Humans are storytellers. But storytelling is an art in and of itself. So tell the story you’re meant to tell. Tell it the only way you know how.

You’re different from everybody who came before you. Embrace your differences.

Write the book you want to read. Don’t write someone else’s story.

Personal Reflection

What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

I’m an old woman now.

But if I could tell that younger girl a few things, they would be:

  • You deserve much better.
  • You deserve much more.
  • You deserve much love.
  • You’re doing fine.
  • You’re doing enough.
  • You’re doing something.
  • You will get over it.
  • You will live through it.
  • You will move beyond it.

How Not To Blog

  1. Tell people to blog.
  2. Tell people not to blog.
  3. Tell people how to blog.
  4. Tell people how not to blog.
  5. Not be true to yourself.

Have a good weekend. I’m sending you bloggy vibes!