Personal Reflection

Walking, Thinking, Writing

I’ve been doing a lot of walking, thinking, and writing lately.

To be honest, I’m someone who doesn’t know what I think until I write. Writing helps me work out my thoughts. But thinking by itself is always welcome as well.

I do a lot of thinking whilst walking. Come to think of it, whilst is a great word that I don’t use often enough.

Whenever I feel stuck, I like walking around my house. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts.

Sometimes I write after a walk. I often have an easier writing session. Easy in the sense that the words come to me.

I always try to put what’s on my mind onto the page.

Life makes me feel pulled and pushed in every direction. So I appreciate being able to step back, being able to think.

Besides, we don’t have to be doing something every second of every day.

I’m all for action, acting. But I’m also a thinker as well. Having time to think just doesn’t happen unless we set aside time for it.

Don’t get me started on overthinking. But I encourage you to ponder or wonder.

If you could do one thing and only one thing right now, what would it be?


One Week Of NaNoWriMo 

It’s been a week already? Wow, times flies by when you should be writing but you aren’t. Clearly I have yet to correct my procrastinatory ways.

Time really flies by when you’re writing or thinking about writing. I’ve done more of the latter because it’s easier.

Here’s where I am…

I have no idea what’s going on. My protagonist doesn’t either. Although she probably knows more than I do.

I don’t know if I can sustain my story much longer. I’m sure my characters won’t leave me alone if I abandon them though. 

I am confused. Like everyone else I’ve created this month.


Thinking About This Blog

I had a weird, almost out of body experience today when I thought about my blog and all that’s happened in the past three or so years.

So thanks for being part of this. Whatever this is. Thanks for being you, for doing what you do.

Thank you for making this a safe, fun space. Unlike school. School isn’t very fun.


Advice For Aspiring Writers

Advice For Aspiring Writers Graphic

More advice in graphic form? What a surprise!


Thoughts Running Through A Writer’s Mind 

If only I wrote as much as I thought. Then I’d have no problem meeting word counts. 

These are a few thoughts I have, some more often than others. 

I should get out more.

I should be home writing.

This isn’t so bad.

This is really bad.

My desk is never this clean. I’ll clean it anyway.

My desk is never this dirty. I’ll clean it before I start working. 

Now I shall solicit your thoughts. 


I’m Only Concise Because…

I’m lazy.

Look at it this way:

More thinking = More drafting

More drafting = More writing

More writing = More rewriting

More rewriting = More editing

More editing = More formatting

More formatting = More publishing


The NaNoWriMo Writing Process (Sort Of)

  1. Think about your project for (Camp) NaNo days and sometimes months in advance.
  2. Jolt awake on March 31st or June 30th or October 31st because you realize there are X amount of hours left, yet you are wholly unprepared, despite all the “thinking” you’ve done.
  3. Attempt to outline.
  4. Throw away said outline.
  5. Consider starting another one.
  6. Stop outlining.
  7. With half an outline if you’re lucky or nothing but an idea if you’re like me, start typing.
  8. Convince yourself that you can’t possibly write X amount of words in one day.
  9. Somehow manage to write more words than you thought you could for an entire month.
  10. Finish and hopefully win (Camp) NaNo looking like you barely survived a vampire, werewolf, and zombie apocalypse.
  11. Throw a party…or thirty because no one is judging.
  12. Procrastinate for the next NaNo even though you know you shouldn’t.

I’m trying to be slightly funny and partially serious. I don’t think I accomplished either.

Personal Reflection

How I Would Describe Myself

Most—who am I kidding? Not you and certainly not me. Every day, I sit and think. I’m constantly asking questions. About my life, about the world, about anything really.

So today while I sat and thought and asked, I also answered.

I pondered over how I would describe myself in as few words as possible.

My answer: Outspoken introvert.

I’d like to believe it’s a very accurate description of who I am.

Of course, I invite you to sit and think and ask: How would you describe yourself?