Canva | What I Love | May 2016

I’ve been using and loving Canva, an online graphic design tool.

I make most of my graphics on there, especially the Writer and Reader Problems I publish on aspiringwriter22 and aspiringreader22, my Tumblr blogs.

Simple. Minimal. That’s all I can do.

But if you’re a wizard, you could probably create something magical and beautiful.

I don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator. And even if I did, I wouldn’t know copy from paste. I’m sure my Communications Technology teacher would be proud. I still have the certificate of achievement for that course, even though I achieved nothing.

I did that annoying thing where I had my post written and ready but didn’t publish or schedule it. Go me. I’m only realizing my mistake now. The afternoon of the next day.

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Three Options, Pick One, No Explanation

The title says it all. There are three options, I pick one, but no explanation can be given.

If you don’t care for my answers, cover mine and come up with your own.

Black, blue, red ink?


Blogging, reading, writing?


Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress?


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?


Poetry, short story, novel?

Reading: novels. Writing: short stories.

I hope you appreciate my laziness. I know I don’t.


Another Writerly “Would You Rather”

Remember when I did a whole slew of “Would You Rather” posts last year? Good times.

You can find her post here.

Would you rather…

Drink coffee or tea?

I run on water. But between the two drinks, I’d have to say tea. To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee in my eighteen year lifespan.

Write a series in the same world or create a new world with every novel? 

Create new worlds. I get bored easily. Too easily.

Write a short story a week or one novel a year?

Probably a short story a week and then combine them all into a novel. In all seriousness, I’d write more if I wrote one short story a week as opposed to a novel a year.

Type or write longhand?

I think the appearance of my right hand gives it away.

Write play scripts or comic books?

Scripts. I’ve written scripts before but not comics.

Have more of an author presence on Twitter or Tumblr?

I have more of a presence on Tumblr because I’m horrendous with Twitter. But I’d like to be better.

Use your real name or a pen name?

I’m too vain to use a pen name.

Have your book become a movie or a television show?

Probably movie even though a TV show would be super cool. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Read your writing aloud to a roomful of loved ones or strangers?

Without a doubt, strangers. Stranger danger doesn’t exist to me.

Write in silence or with noise/music?

Music please. I write in silence when the mood strikes me.

Have an entire day of uninterrupted writing time or write in short bursts of time?

Short bursts. An entire day of anything is too much.

Be a main character in a romance novel or an action novel?

Action. Action. Action.

Write about the past or the future?

Future. Who wants to drag up the past anyway? Not me.

Be the lesser-known coauthor of a bestseller or the sole author of an average-selling book?

This is tough. Probably sole author of an average-selling book. Again vain. I want my name and my name only all over the book.

Meticulously plot out every aspect of your novel or just wing it?

I wing more than I plot. That might explain why my stories lack plot. A plot is non-existent as well.

I tag all your beautiful bodies and brains.

Thanks Kris. You saved me from coming up with a blog post idea today.


WordPress Really Needs…

A chat feature.

If Tumblr can do it, you can too WordPress.

I would love to interact with other bloggers one on one. 

Even though I love commenting on posts, I stress over it. I take forever to respond because I have to write, then rewrite, and then edit all my comments. 

I’m weird like that. 


8 Perfect Places To Save Your Precious Work

Because you can never have too many places to save your work.


Starting a blog has many perks. And having an additional place to store your work is one of them. Even if you don’t intend to publish it for the world to see, save that chapter of your novel by creating a draft.


If you have Tumblr, you can make drafts you never intend to publish either. Any blogging platform can double as a place to save your work online.

Google Drive

I’m currently going through a Google Drive phase. I use it for everything. You can upload files and folders or even create a document with Drive. 15 GB of storage? Yes, please.


Even though you don’t have nearly as much free storage to work with, don’t underestimate 2 gigabytes.

One Drive

If I’m not mistaken, you get 15 GB of storage just like Google Drive.


I personally don’t use Box, but it’s another option for saving and sharing files.


I know some people swear by Evernote. I’m not one of those people. However, I’ve used it enough that I recommend giving it a shot.

iCloud (Drive)

I’m starting to use iCloud more and more. You can sync everything across all your Apple devices.

Find what works for you and your precious work. Nothing can buy back your lost stories.

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December 2015: What I Love

Going back through some of my posts from this year and picking out one I’m particularly fond of.

So this happened…

I clicked on “How You Know You Are A Writer“, made some edits to it, then updated the post. But I forgot that it would be publicized on all my social media accounts—again.

Of course, when I realized my mistake people already noticed before me.  My Tumblr followers decided to like and reblog it. Rachel even retweeted it.

So rather than cover it up by deleting my mistake and pretending like it never happened, I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m owning up to my mistake. That’s a first for me.

Let this be known:

I’m human.

I wasn’t originally going to pick “How You Know You Are A Writer“, but then I got careless.

I won’t ask you to guess the post I was thinking of because that’d be cruel.

I’m flawed, but I have a heart.

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What Won’t Kill You

Did you miss me? No? It’s okay. I didn’t expect you to.

If you noticed that I didn’t post anything on any social media site yesterday, kudos to you. Such an observant individual. You’re one step closer to being a writer. Or a better one.

I took a break from posting and from going on the computer in general. It was a much needed break for me to recharge.

I failed at managing my time on Saturday so I decided to take a day off WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

But no worries I’m back. I’m better. I’ll be blogging and being a bother.

Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s fine. In case you thought the worst, in which case you’re probably a writer.

I feel like a brand new person right now. It’s amazing.

Breaks are beneficial. Repeat after me. Breaks are beneficial.

Take one. A day off won’t kill you.


8 Tips On How To Gain (More) Followers

I’ve shied away from doing a post like this for several reasons, which I won’t get into right now.

But someone sent in a question over at my Tumblr blog, asking me for advice on getting followers, so I thought I’d adapt my reply and share my tips here as well.

I didn’t start my blogs with the intention of growing a following or having anyone read my writing. That being said most of us want someone to appreciate our work. I think you really have to enjoy making videos, taking photos, etc., to continue doing it even without a following. If you love the creative process, you’ll not only enjoy blogging a lot more, you’ll also attract like-minded followers.

I don’t claim to have the largest following in the world, but I have come a long way. I remember those days when I had zero followers, which is why I’m grateful to have some now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why anyone follows any of my blogs. Thank you if you do.

I’m very particular with how I run my blog so I can’t claim to do what most articles or other bloggers will tell you to do. This is what has worked for me. It might not work for you (or you may not agree) so take what does and toss what doesn’t.

  • Post consistently. Aside from rare occasions where I forgot or a technical mishap occurred, I post (original content) at least once every day. Anyhow reblogging (which I don’t do) or anything else that keeps your blog active works as well. You can schedule posts to go out on certain days if you know you’ll be away from your computer and living your life.
  • Post at certain times. I have experimented with this. Frankly, I just post when it suits me best. I will say that posting at a peak time when many bloggers are online means more people have the chance to see your work, although you’ll be competing with more content. Posting at other times when there’s less traffic means fewer eyes stumbling upon your content but a higher chance someone will see your work and share it. If you’re like me in that you don’t care then just post what you like, when you like.
  • Find a niche that will attract an audience. Granted different people will like your blog, but see if you can narrow down who you’re writing for. On the same lines, narrow down your purpose. What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
  • Stand out. Do something or make stuff that people can’t find elsewhereRather than reblog everything I come across, I create my own articles. Post original content whenever you can. When you first start out it’s hard to get noticed. Over time people will.
  • Tag your content with common tags. Obscure tags are funny, but people won’t actively search for them. Come up with relevant and prevalent tags for your posts so more bloggers can find your work.
  • Pay attention to your layout/theme. If your blog is hard to read, hard to navigate, etc., you’ll turn potential followers away. Keep it simple. Keep it neat.
  • Approach others. I’m horrible at striking up conversations in real life and on the Web so I’m a total hypocrite for including this.
  • Be kind to everyone. Respect people even if they don’t respect you.

That’s all you’re going to get from me today.