My Biggest Blogging Problem

I love writing. I love blogging. But I don’t love transcribing. So I have no problem writing posts by hand, but I struggle to type them all up.

I try to write a post every day. Problem is I don’t type everything in a timely manner.

I could switch between writing and transcribing. So I write a post one day and transcribe the next.

I’m behind and unsure how to catch up. I could spend the time writing on typing up the old posts I’ve written. Although I think I’d miss writing them.

Or I can just continue writing every day and transcribing when I have extra time. By the time I get around to publishing a post, sometimes the subject isn’t that relevant anymore.

I’ve thought about trying to write posts that aren’t time sensitive. So I wouldn’t write about a holiday or an event.

In a similar vein, I might attempt to draft posts I could publish at any time during the year.

I have the same problem with my creative writing. There are tons of handwritten poems and stories in multiple notebooks. None of which I’ve transcribed.

On one hand, I could eliminate handwriting to save time. I can jump straight to typing. Too bad I love writing by hand.

Do you handwrite and then transcribe? Do you type straight away?


Different Ways To Organize Your Bookshelves

Lately, I’ve been moving my books around because I’m not entirely happy with the way they’re displayed on my shelves. But I don’t know how I want to rearrange them exactly, so I decided to write a blog post about different ways you can organize your bookshelves.

By alphabetical.

Do the author’s last name or first if you’re so inclined. You might even decide to go organize according to the titles of each book. It’s up to you.

By colour.

Ombré. Rainbow. The possibilities are endless.

By genre.

Have one shelf for fantasy, one for mystery, etc. This is a good way to see what you like or dislike.

By height.

Shelves look more uniform when books are the same size. This is a fact of life. My heart breaks when I buy a novel that doesn’t fit in with the others.

By love.

Have your favourite books on one shelf. You can play favourites with novels. That’s totally ethical.

By status.

What you’ve read, what you’re currently reading, what you want to read. I have a shelf for all the books I own but haven’t read yet. Without fail, I’ll read a few novels on my to-be-read shelf only to buy many more. I almost always enable my own addiction.

By story.

Is it a standalone? A series? Also consider grouping books by the same author together. Because why not?

By type.

Paperbacks here. Hardcovers there. Easy, fast, simple. You’re good to grab and go.

By however you want.

Obviously, you can organize your books any way you like. Feel free to use one or a combination of the methods listed above.

Let me know how you organize your books. I’d love to get some inspiration for my shelves. It doesn’t help that I’m starting to run out of space either. But that’s a problem I’ll tackle another day.


“Would You Rather” Writer Edition

This was inspired by the “Would You Rather” Book Tag. I figured I’d do a writing version of it. So some of the questions might be similar. I made up all the others.

Who knows I may just do another one of these because this was fun to write. (I’m not implying that my other posts weren’t fun to write.)

Would you rather only write standalones or trilogies?

Standalones. In my opinion, pulling off a series is insanely difficult and I’m not ready for that kind of commitment. Yet.

Would you rather be a professional writer or a professional blogger?

I’d do both for free, but I would love to earn money writing.

Would you rather hand write or have to type for the rest of your life?

Type though I’d miss writing by hand. There’s something magical about not having to stare at a screen.

Would you rather be forced to write everything in uppercase or lowercase letters?

Lowercase. I can’t stand appearing to scream at everyone. I’m meek and weak.

Would you rather only write 2 pages per day or 250 pages per week?

Where can I sign up to write 250 pages per week?

Would you rather be traditionally published or self published?

Traditionally published would be the dream. But knowing me I think I might be happier self published.

Would you rather only write in pen or pencil?

Let’s just put it this way…I’d give away all my pencils for free, but if you want one of my pens, you’ll have to fight me. And win.

Would you rather only be allowed to write at your desk or anywhere else in the world?

Honestly speaking I’d get a lot more done at my desk because my mind tends to focus better when I’m far away from boys, beaches, and beautiful things. I love my writing space too much to give it up.

You are welcome to answer the aforementioned questions in a blog post of your own.

Did you miss my Would You Rather post about reading and books? Pssst, I tagged everyone so go answer those questions too.


Need To Blog

I need to blog. Properly. I haven’t blogged properly in a while. Hoping that will change in the new year.

As of late, getting even a single post up has been harder than ever.

Here’s why:

  • Lack of time. Considering I’m on winter break, this one is ironic. It’s more like “lack of time management”. Someone seriously needs to yell at me. Scream at the top of your lungs. Force me to get my act together.
  • Lack of motivation. I’m in some weird non-motivated funk.
  • Lack of energy. I write, blog, and post at night. Not always the best idea since some days I come home tired and exhausted. Then my bed drags my body upstairs, away from my computer. Honestly, I’d be a better writer and blogger if I didn’t have a bed.

Final thoughts…

Why must I scrutinize every word I type? Blogging would be much easier if I didn’t.