Types Of Rejection

The pleasant kind.

Or as pleasant as rejection can be. Polite emails and letters from people rejecting my work will be the death of me. 

The implied: you’re good but not good enough. 

Keep writing. You’ll only get better.

The one you never saw coming.

Because you submitted the piece years ago and worked on so many other projects since then.

The short and sweet: this isn’t right for us, but try somewhere else.

You aren’t going to give up, are you?

The one you run into yourself.

Uh…I’m not just talking about rejections related to writing now. 


4 Types Of Followers

The silent one.

The stranger turned friend.

At one point, you didn’t know he or she even existed. But over time, you get to know them. What more could you possibly ask for?

The friend turned stranger. 

The most tragic one of all. Once you were close. Now you’re not.

The awesome, fantastic, most perfect person in the world. 

I don’t think I need to elaborate further.


Types Of Writing I Struggle With

I absolutely suck at writing proposals. About nine months ago I wrote one, and I haven’t written a single one since.

I take forever to compose one email. Now imagine writing multiple emails a day. Today I started typing a draft on my phone, but I accidentally hit send half-way in. So I had to write another email telling the receiver to disregard my first email.

I used to despise lab reports. There’s a reason I stopped taking science courses after grade ten.

I would go on. Too bad I’d take an entire day listing as well as explaining why I struggle with all forms of writing.