Creative Writing

Regret Not | A Poem

You’ll regret

Not asking, not doing, not going

You remember nothing 

But you think of everything 

Roll the dice, flip the coin

Where will it land?

On a side or on its side?

You confused this with that

Is this right? Is this left?

Said yes but did no

You gave yourself away

Each emotion against every feeling

That gap isn’t close, isn’t far

You can choose to end it

Distance never bothered you in the beginning

Then not now, not ever

Compose and gather

Creative Writing

Dark Embrace | A Poem

White squares, wide eyes

Come back later

Amble down the aisle

Turn to leave

You’re almost home

Turn to go

Somewhere alone

But your mind remembers manners

Move your head sideways

Tilt on an angle

Say thank you

And realize

You meant it

See light for a moment

Before stepping out

Into the dark embrace

At the end of a day

Creative Writing

Questions | A Poem

Were they in your heads?

When your world came crashing down?

Were they by your side?

When you fell to the ground?

Why do you care so much?

When they spin lies?

Why do you hate instead of love?

When nothing’s fine?

Do you need to be perfect?

What if you’re doing enough?

Aren’t you deserving of it?

Won’t you realize you’re all right?