NaNoWriMo: Week Two Reminders

  • It’s okay to be stuck.
  • It’s okay to change something that isn’t working.
  • It’s okay to want to give up on your story.


  • You have to get unstuck.
  • You have to make that change yourself.
  • You have to keep going.

I usually dread week two. It’s a tough time to say the least. This year, however, I’m dreading week three because of school. I can’t wait to work on three assignments at once. 

In my past experience, when I get past week two, I finish the rest of the month just fine. 

NaNo feels like an uphill battle nearly all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like wading through my own words before drowning in them.

If you can survive week two, you can do anything.


I Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Do This Before

I want to devote a post on to-do lists. Why? Because…

A. They are awesome.

B. They are fun to make.

C. They are life savers.

I’ve started making monthly to-do lists. Each bullet point has a task. Beside it, I write in an estimated date of when I hope to finish said task. Say for example:

  • Finish writing portfolio (Sept 15)

That’s actually on my September to-do list. And I use the verb finish because I already started working on the portfolio. Go me.

This eliminates the need to create weekly ones simply because I add all the projects I want to finish by the end of the month on it, so another list would be redundant. Although some people swear by making a new list each week. Hey, whatever works for you.

I’ve yet to try out daily to-do’s because I’m not really that busy or productive, contrary to what my mind believes. If I did, I like the idea of adding a specific time (like 1:00 p.m.) beside the task to give myself a deadline within a deadline.

At the very least, I feel like I get more done. And who doesn’t like making lists?


Camp NaNoWriMo 2015: End Of Week Two

Week two, supposedly the hardest week, is over. It was rough, but it could have been worse. Much worse. Like little to no writing done worse.

Thing is I always feel like the last week of the month is the busiest for me and therefore the hardest. Let me know I’m not alone.

I hope Camp has been good to you and your novel has been too.

Keep writing. Push through. We’re halfway there.

Throw a party—your definition of one—to reward yourself. Don’t forget to invite me.

Seriously though if you can get through week two of NaNo, you can get through anything.

Personal Reflection

Just My Luck

It’s just my luck to fall ill on a day I have two presentations with another one the day after.

Throwing up is never a pleasant experience. It never will be.

At least the week is over and the weekend is here (finally).

Have a good one.

Use the next two days to rest, relax, and recover.


Reading On Fridays

I don’t do much else on Fridays except read.

That’s a lie but it’s pretty close to the truth.

Fridays are my days to catch-up-on-all-the-reading-I-should-have-done-during-the-week. Shame on me, I know.

I’m going to go read now…

Happy Friday! And have an awesome weekend.