Why I Journal

Why do I journal?

I rant and vent about everything. I do some of my best work with a pen and some paper. 

It helps me relax. After some experimenting, I’ve found I like to journal before going to sleep every night. It allows me to unwind after a long day. In a way, writing st the end of the day is my way of getting closure, to tell my brain that today is over. Another one begins tomorrow.

I used to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I’m happy to report I’ve been sleeping better these days. A part of me thinks journaling has helped in some way, however small. Being able to put what’s in my head onto the page clears some space in my mind. Not entirely but somewhat.

Besides, journaling about my problems gives me greater perspective. Sometimes I realize a problem isn’t as big of a deal as I initially made it out to be. Other times I come up with solutions to my most pressing issues simply by writing about them.

I love having a place to get my thoughts and worries and concerns down on paper. Even better, I know no one will read what I write. So I feel free to speak my mind. I don’t have to censor myself or filter my ideas. I can say what I want, how I want.

I also use my journal as a diary of sorts. More recently, I reflect on my day, recounting what happened to me, how I felt, etc.

Journaling is especially useful to keep track of my daily habits, namely reading, dancing, blogging, and writing. Often times I talk about what I did. Occasionally I jot down what I plan to do tomorrow or the day after or even a week from now. 

Although I don’t flip through my journal and reread my entries all the time, I really enjoy doing so. Just the other day I read an entry I wrote a few months ago. It’s interesting to see what went through my head or heart at a certain time in my life. 

By spending a few minutes every day, I get to make a record of who I am. At the end of the year, I have entire journals filled with bits and pieces of myself. 

Last but not least, it’s rewarding to track my progress. To see where I was and how far I’ve come. After all, I tend to look ahead and see where I want to go, but now I also get to look back at where I’ve been. More importantly, I can remember who I once was.