If I Don’t Reply Right Away…

It’s either because:

  • I’m busy.
  • I don’t have Internet/WiFi.
  • I have some sort of technical issue.

Or because:

  • WordPress hates me.

I hope you understand.


Blogging Requires You To Have

  • Time. And a whole lot of it.
  • Dedication. What is quitting?
  • Passion. If you don’t love what you’re doing, why are you doing it? If you aren’t passionate about blogging, you’re better off spending your time doing something else.
  • Discipline. Even on bad days. Especially on bad days.
  • WiFi. Or an Internet connection. Can’t publish a post without it. 

What Every Blogger Needs

This will blow your mind. 

You better be sitting down.




Didn’t see that one coming, did you? 

Technically, you don’t need it to survive. But you need to be able to access your blog in order to blog. 

Every blogger needs a good Internet connection. Or WiFi. 

Too bad I didn’t have the former just now. And sometimes I don’t have the latter. 

I love when my connection stops working right after I stop procrastinating. Doesn’t everyone? 

I’m not stressed out at all. 

There’s nothing to see here. Carry on. 


September 2015: What I Love

I love Google Drive for many reasons.

In the interest of time, I won’t list them all.

However, the Keep Offline option has been a lifesaver this month.

Google Drive Keep Offline Function

It’s perfect for when you need to access a document or picture or what have you even if you aren’t connected to WiFi.

Just make sure to keep it offline first when you do have WiFi.

Google Drive Kept Offline Document

Yes, that is an old story I published already. You can read the full version here.

Being able to pull up a reading on the subway does wonders for curing my boredom and increasing my productivity. So I am indebted to everyone who made this feature possible.


The Bane Of One Blogger’s Existence

School is the bane of a blogger’s existence.

Below are some sad but true things that will probably happen once the curse starts tomorrow.

I’ll take even longer to reply to comments.

I apologize in advance. I’m going to be without WiFi during my commute. Then I have lectures that will stretch on for a few hours. At least I have everyone here to keep me sane.

The quality of my posts are going to decline.

As if they’re any good now. I still want to blog, even if I won’t have nearly as much time as I’d like.

I will be a bad blogging buddy to have.

So ditch me now. Unfollow me already.

Personal Reflection

Pretentious Pet Peeves

I have a billion pet peeves but five four pretentious ones. The last one not so much. It’s a legitimate pet peeve if you ask me.

  • Slower than normal internet (waiting ten seconds for a page to load is too looong)
  • No WiFi connection (especially when I need…uh, when I want it most)
  • Computer crashes/freezes (caused in part by my opening too many tabs)
  • Fast battery draining (get it together phones, iPod shuffles, and tablets of the world)
  • Blatant spelling errors (resulting from laziness, carelessness, and did I mention laziness?)

30 Questions To Ask Yourself During NaNoWriMo-Day 9

Don’t forget it’s the writing/noveling marathon today.

More details here:

The question of the day is as follows…

Question #9

Do you need to eliminate any distractions? 

The word distraction can be defined easily.

Distraction = The Enemy. Simple right?

If it’s so simple then it shouldn’t be too difficult to eliminate them when we’re writing.

Here’s a step by step method to ensure you’ll be writing without any interruptions during NaNoWriMo.

  1. Cut the telephone wires. Or unplug them.
  2. Buy a WiFi jammer. Or disable your WiFi.
  3. Dunk your cell phone into a bucket of water. Or turn it off.

Obviously, I’m kidding. But if you can live for an hour or two without needless devices, your work time will be more productive.

Wait a second: who is your target audience?

I’ll go into more depth about audience on Sunday.

Have a great weekend writing and noveling!


5 Reasons Why I Love WordPress

Why is WordPress so great? I’ll tell you why.

WordPress Logo

  1. The followers are extremely loyal. Some bloggers have a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mindset but for the most part, if someone follows your blog, they’ll follow forever. Or at least for a long time. Twitter users, on the other hand, follow with the expectation you’ll automatically want to follow them back. And if you don’t within a reasonable amount of time, they’ll simply unfollow you. Unless you are a celebrity. In this case, you probably won’t follow back unless your followers are celebrities too. Perhaps you’re even lucky enough to have a famous sister, brother, cousin, father, mother, uncle, aunt, do I need to go on? Like I said, WordPress has thousands of loyal supporters regardless if you’re well known or nobody of significance. I hope I don’t jinx it by saying this. For the most part, everyone who has followed my blog hasn’t unfollowed. Not that I’m aware of at least.
  2. Hours of time can be spent on WordPress. While this may not be a good thing from time to time, I am guaranteed to never be bored when I have access to WiFi. Although, many can spend hours on Twitter at a time, I’m a text person. The more text, the better so long as the text is interesting and well-written. There is no other site out there likes this one that encourages text over graphics or visuals. Time files when one is WordPress. Be it blogging, reading, or commenting.
  3. Educational and informative blogs with educational and informative articles can be found with the click of a button. I’ve learned so much from my fellow bloggers whether they’re professionals or amateurs, full-time or part-time posters. There is a wealth of information at your fingertips. If you have a thirst for knowledge about anything from sewing to gardening to writing, WordPress is a great place to start.
  4. Everyone is friendly and the WordPress community feels like family. A home away from home. A family away from family. A community away from community. You belong. You fit right in. What could be better than that? Bloggers are lovely people which explains why the community support here is unmatched to any other social media platforms.
  5. For the most part, this social media platform makes blogging easy. Starting an account is simple. And navigating around isn’t too hard. You can learn the ropes on your own by experimenting or by reading tutorials. Whichever method you choose, soon enough blogging is a breeze. And maybe you’ll love it as much as I do. While many people say WordPress is difficult and complicated, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure the controls out. Besides, you don’t need much computer experience or technical know-how to use the site.

Best of all, it’s free!

So what do you love about WordPress? Feel free to add your ideas in the comment section below.