How To Increase Your Word Count

You probably have a word count you’d like to meet during the month of April. Here’s how to increase it and come out a winner by the end of Camp NaNoWriMo.

Spell out numbers.

Especially long numbers. 22. Twenty-two. 25485697. Twenty-five million, four hundred eighty-five thousand, six hundred ninety-seven. That’s practically an entire sentence right there.

Refer to characters by their full name.

Don’t just call your characters by first name. Middle and last names exist for a reason. Mary Jane Smith walked to the store. Mary Jane Smith bought milk and eggs. Mary Jane Smith went home.

Repeat yourself.

Be repetitive. Be redundant. Say the same thing again and again. She was cold. She felt cold. Sometimes, you just have to hammer the point home. You can always claim you were going for a literary effect, a rhetorical flourish.

Add in adverbs.

Very. Really. Extremely.

Use conjunctions instead of punctuation. 

Conjunctions are words, but punctuation is not, and you need words if you want to reach a word count, so you can brag to the entire world about how great you are or you could keep that greatness to yourself.

Alas, following the above, you’ll have an awesome sentence like this one:

Mary Jane Smith felt very cold despite the thermostat reading twenty-two degrees Celsius, but even though Mary Jane Smith was really cold, she was also extremely hard at work on her novel.

This post is a joke just like this blog. So take my advice at your own peril.

Happy increasing your word count by writing actual words one after another.


My Essay Writing Process

  1. Freak out.
  2. Freak out some more.
  3. Start to brainstorm.
  4. Generate many ideas.
  5. Hate most ideas.
  6. Pick the best worst idea.
  7. Shrug once.
  8. Scrap said idea for a better one.
  9. Try to outline.
  10. Fail to outline.
  11. Attempt to write a first draft.
  12. Edit first draft before it’s written.
  13. Write enough words to meet the word count.
  14. Delete unnecessary words.
  15. Squint at word count.
  16. Write more words.
  17. Realize there are too many words.
  18. Kill my darlings.
  19. Submit the poorly written essay.
  20. Celebrate by crying.

NaNoWriMo Reminders

National Novel Writing Month never fails to sneak up on me.

I’m not ready. Obviously.

But I’m going into November reminding myself that:

It’s not about winning.

You win if you write. 10 words. 10,000 words. 100,000 words.

It’s not about being perfect.

Perfection is overrated. You’re not perfect. So don’t try to be.

It’s not about the word count.

You are a writer. Not a mathematician. Numbers don’t matter.


NaNoWriMo Plans

I’m thinking of handwriting an entire novel in November. I want to write every single day, although I probably won’t aim for a specific word count. Possibly a page count instead.

And then if all goes well, I’ll try to type up what I wrote in December.

Reaching a certain word count isn’t necessarily my main priority. Because something called school exists. Not that school is my main priority either.

I would like nothing more than to enjoy my November.

So to avoid growing gray hair and having it fall out by the end, I’m going to do things a little differently this time around.

That’s the plan as of right now. But plans change. Plans are just plans after all.


Why You Didn’t Write 50,000 Words During Camp NaNoWriMo

  • Because you procrastinated every day until the last.
  • Because you chose to sleep instead of write.
  • Because you didn’t meet your daily word count goal.
  • Because you thought studying was more important.
  • Because you rather watch random videos on YouTube.

The above reasons are very much directed at me.

Maybe next time I’ll write 50,000 words instead of 44,162.


Life Hacks To Meet Your Word Count

If you are struggling to meet your word count, try…

Spelling out contractions.

Works very well for academic writing. Not so much for dialogue in stories. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

Spelling out numbers.

One thousand four hundred and sixty eight. Seven words right there. I can count.

Use five dollar words. 

This goes against everything you know? Well, that’s life for you.

Use five cent words.

Every word is another word. But remember, not all words are equal.

Open a thesaurus.

Then proceed to replace one word with two, three, ten even.

Keep the thesaurus open.

See how many synonyms you can string together in a sentence.

Do not hyphenate.

Rebel. Refuse. Resist.

Do not combine words.

Rain bow. Snow man. Sun shine.

Forget you read any of this. Forget I even wrote it. Forget about my blog.


What (Not) To Do When You’re Behind In Your Word Count

If you’re 10K behind like me, you can do one or all of the following:

  • Cry a river before filling an ocean.
  • Read books that are published and mourn your unpublished career.
  • Publish a blog post to justify not writing creatively.
  • Throw a dance party for one because you don’t believe in pity parties.
  • Feel insanely productive for not procrastinating by writing for hours.

But what’s the fun in doing the latter when you can do everything else except put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard?

Put some pressure on yourself.

Good luck. Catch up if you need to. If you are many words ahead, I don’t want to talk to you because you aren’t human.


Expectation Versus Reality: NaNo Word Count

Daily Word Count


Word Count-1667


Word Count-167