Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Writing Now Or Ever

  1. You’re a sadist.
  2. You like learning.
  3. You love writing.
  4. You hate everything else.
  5. You’re bad at things that don’t involve words.
  6. You enjoy creating characters.
  7. You enjoy building worlds.
  8. You don’t know what you’d do with your life without writing.
  9. You rise to the challenge of putting words down on the page.
  10. You think writing is your calling.
  11. You need to escape from the horrors of the real world and retreat to another one.
  12. You feel bad before you write.
  13. You feel like a boss while writing.
  14. You feel better after having written.
  15. You rather write than pay for therapy.
  16. You rather write a story than read one.
  17. You write on your own terms.
  18. You want to be published.
  19. You want to prove people wrong.
  20. You don’t care if no one reads your work.
  21. You don’t care if everyone reads your work.
  22. You don’t want to quit writing.

Respect Writers

Respect writers for their time. For their energy. For their work.

For the stories they share.

For the characters they create.

For the worlds they fabricate.

Just respect writers, okay? It’s not that hard. 

If you’re a writer, respect yourself. Love what you do because no one else will.

You deserve to be respected by others. But ultimately you deserve to be respected by yourself.

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This Is Your Year—Happy Chinese New Year

This is your year. It’s going to be your year.

If you’ve felt like you haven’t been following your new year resolutions or if you’ve given up on them, consider this another chance to start over.

Start new, start again, start fresh.

Start that book. Start that novel. Start that blog.

I hope you churn out words and conquer new worlds.

Keep doing you. Keep being great.

And continue to create.

Never stop reading, writing, and blogging. You aren’t reading, writing, or blogging? Start.

I can’t get enough of wishing you all the best, all the time.

Happy Chinese New Year. (Even if you don’t celebrate. Even if you aren’t Chinese. Even if you couldn’t care less.)

Make it awesome.

May you bask in happiness and prosperity!


The World Is Ridiculous

Why aren’t all writers making a fortune? If they can master a language, a few numbers to manage is nothing.

Why aren’t writers controlling every inch of the Earth? After all, they are capable of writing stories about other worlds.

Writers can craft imaginary experiences and create fictional characters. Surely they can do everything.

Don’t you love my thinking on a Saturday night?