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Advice To Be Taken Literally And Figuratively

Turn the page.

Turn the page of the book you’re reading.

Turn the page of the book that is your life.

Even when you don’t want to. Especially when you don’t want to.

Move on right now. Start the next chapter. Turn the page already.

(This post was written for me and is directed at me.)


Downsides To Writing In The Summer

It’s summer in my mind but winter weather wise outside. There are downsides to everything though, even the nicer of seasons. 


Is it a coincidence one went off when I decided to sit down and write some blog posts? I think not. Thanks person who was mowing their lawn for inspiring this post.


A holiday is great until you realize how much writing you don’t do when you have all the time in the world to. 


High temperatures are the bane of my existence. Anything hot really. Except showers. I can deal with very warm water. Just not sweating profusely while I’m typing away on my computer. 

Summer isn’t a bad time to get some serious words written. Good luck! 

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Firsts Of 2016

First book purchased:

First book read:

First short story written:

First poem finished:

First blog post published:

First comment made:

What are your firsts of 2016 going to be?

If you’ve already had a first, write it down or find a way to remember that moment. Then at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2017, you can look back and see the first things you’ve accomplished this year.

I wish the very best! Go tackle some firsts.


8 Writer’s Pet Peeves

I have more than eight, but for the sake of time—yours and mine—I’ll just mention a few.

I may sound peeved when discussing my pet peeves, but I’m a pleasant person to be around after I’ve written. I promise.

  1. Phone calls when I’m writing. That’s Satan’s work right there.
  2. Waiting on people. If we agreed to meet at 10:30, don’t show up at 10:55. I could’ve written hundreds of words in that time.
  3. Not writing. More like not being able to write. There’s a reason I haven’t learned to drive yet.
  4. Pen marks on everything. I’m sorry, mom.
  5. Smudges. Possibly the bane of my existence.
  6. Inconsistencies. The world is better off without them.
  7. Bad pens. I’m picky. What more can I say? Using the wrong pen is dreadful.
  8. Non-writers. More like people who hate writing and love announcing their hatred to the world.

Tell me your biggest pet peeve so we can complain together.

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Life Update: Frosh Week Ahead

Frosh or orientation or whatever you want to call it is creeping up on me.

My posts for the next five days have already been written and scheduled. This is the most I’ve had to pre-blog. Yes, I just said pre-blog. Fingers crossed they all go up without any issues.

I will try my best to respond to comments in a timely manner. More importantly, I hope to comment on other blogs as much as possible.

If I’m not happy with my blogging (in)activity, I’ll play catch-up over the weekend.

Thanks for understanding.

Embarrassing photos and stories may be coming your way.

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Happy Family Day! Happy Presidents’ Day! Happy Monday!

To some Canadians, Happy Family Day.

To fellow Americans, Happy Presidents’ Day.

To everyone else, Happy Monday.

Even if it isn’t Family Day where you live, I hope you are still able to spend at least a part of the day with your loved ones.

I’m not really sure what one does on Presidents’ Day, but brushing up on some history can’t hurt.

It’s Monday, which means we’re that much closer to the weekend.

Have a good day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

The day is not complete without taking a daily dosage of vitamin writing. So you better have written or will be writing sometime soon. I have nothing against non-writers…I just like writers more.


Writers, Life Is Too Short

Life is too short to be angry all the time.

Don’t be mad when you don’t meet your word count.

Please don’t get angry at yourself for having not written.

The only problem:

Life is too short not to be writing as often as you can.

So try to write as much as possible. Then write some more.

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Which Is Worse?

I recently had a horrible thought.

What if everything I’ve ever written (short stories, poems, novels) were erased, for good?


What if all my published blog posts and all the drafts I’ve accumulated were deleted, unable to be recovered?

Now I’m trying to decide which scenario would be worse.