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Your Yesterday Is Not Our Today

What if you woke up one day,

Only to realize you messed up in every way?

But yesterday doesn’t have to dictate today,

Remember you can always walk away.


Does it feel like your life is in vain?

Do you hate dealing with your own pain?

Don’t you see real life is not a movie or story?

Then why is it so hard to start saying sorry?


You’ll burn yourself fighting fire with fire,

You’ll lie awake at night and find that you tire,

Of lying to yourself, to the ones you’ve hurt,

You’re done with treating others like dirt.


You only lose when you turn to violence.

All you need is a moment of silence—

To think before you follow through,

To choose a decision that’s right for you.


You know what you experienced is real,

Yet time doesn’t help you heal.

You can be the one to put a stop to bullying.

You can care for someone else’s wellbeing.


We perpetuate a cycle that repeats again and again…

It seems like the horrors will never end.

So isn’t there something wrong with humanity?

When we ourselves created this society


This was written for the Voices Over Violence contest hosted by York Regional Police. Writing this was one thing. Reading it out loud was something else.

I hope the piece speaks for itself. And if it doesn’t then I failed at my job. My one job.

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End Youth Violence Arts Contest Poem (Top Ten Finalist)

Reasons why I’m posting my poem here:

  1. Publicity is publicity. Bad publicity is still publicity. Good publicity is great publicity.
  2. I haven’t posted poetry in a long time for several reasons. Main reason? I’m not a proficient poet. Never will be.
  3. On the other hand, I am a top ten finalist so this isn’t the worst thing you’re about to read if you choose to.
  4. The message (end youth violence) is one I advocate and support completely.
  5. Finally, I still can’t come up with a decent title and I was hoping this blog post would give me some inspiration. Hasn’t happened yet.
End Youth Violence Arts Contest Poem By Herminia Chow
Announcing the ninth of 10 finalists in our End Youth Violence arts contest! Artists under 21 years old were encouraged to submit art in any media aiming to eliminate youth violence. York Region poet Herminia Chow wrote her poem to illustrate the impact of violence on people of any gender or race. She is hopeful for a future where youths don’t need to resort to violence. Untitled Poem by Herminia Chow

This is the contest: End Youth Violence

You can find this on their Tumblr-York Regional Police where the image is bigger and thus, easier to read.

By the way, I stole the caption from YRP since they said it so wonderfully. I am “hopeful for a future where youths don’t need to resort to violence” because why would you, when you have words?