Prove You Right | A Poem

I never wanted to let you down

I tried to turn this thing around

But I can’t fix what’s been done

I still remember watching your face

Seeing the way it changed shape

It hurts to know, to never let go

I can’t be perfect

The person you wanted

Know that I’m trying

Every day and every moment

I wonder why you still see

A bit of potential in me

There’s hope in your eyes

Like a fire that never dies

Just give me some time

I promise it’ll be fine

One day or night

I’ll prove you right

WordPress App Issues

Am I the only one having issues with the WordPress app? Probably…not.

It’s running slower than normal. A lot slower. As well as the usual suspects of problems.

Maybe I should blame my two year old phone instead.

Or my lack of patience. Sorry I stand corrected. My non-existent patience.

Books Of The Month | September 2016

It’s that time of the month where I reflect on what I read and maybe also what I didn’t read…

What I Finished:

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

One phrase description:

A great fantasy.


“You must learn to ask the right questions before you can receive the right answers.”

My general thoughts:

I feel as though this book is more mature than the first. Perhaps because Celaena has grown up somewhat? Or maybe I’m just losing my mind and making stuff up. Probably the latter. A part of me enjoyed Throne of Glass just a bit more. I like reading about people fighting, less so about people loving.

The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

One phrase description: 

A good mystery.


“But the lies she told were woven into the fabric of her being, her life; so that to live with her and love her was to become slowly enmeshed by them, to wrestle her for the truth, to struggle to maintain a foothold on reality.”

My general thoughts:

I don’t hate the writing, but I’m not the biggest fan either. It’s slightly more descriptive than I would’ve liked for a crime novel. So the entire story felt slow, especially in the beginning. I hate to brag, yet I will anyway. I’m getting better at guessing who did what. There goes the surprise I used to feel during “the big reveal”.

The Raven Boys by Maggie StiefvaterThe Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

One phrase description: 

A strange story.


“She recognized the strange happiness that came from loving something without knowing why you did, that strange happiness that was sometimes so big that it felt like sadness.”

My general thoughts:

I had and still have many questions. But I guess that’s why it’s a series. I don’t think I love the first book enough to pick up the second one though. However, I can see why some people adore the characters or even the entire story as a whole. I’m just not one of those people.

What I Want To Read Next Month:

Red Rising by Pierce BrownRed Rising by Pierce Brown


I’ve heard positive things about Brown and his books. And I’ve seen pictures of both everywhere. So it’s probably a sign from above, trying to tell me something.

The line between spoiler-free and spilling everything is too thin. I’m trying my best while failing my hardest.

Did I read the book I was supposed to read for school? You probably know the answer to that.

If you purchase through my affiliate links, you’re really just prodding me to buy more books.

I Shouldn’t Make Decisions In The Morning

I hope you have a sarcasm detector, and more importantly, I hope it’s working.

Surprisingly enough, I woke up early today. That never happens. I always oversleep my alarm. I’m thinking of buying ten more. I totally don’t have trouble sleeping or staying asleep.

With tons of free time on my hands, I decided to go back to my high school. I definitely didn’t go back already earlier this month. I miss it so much I have to visit all the time.

Then once I was outside my house, I started to run. Yes, you’re looking at a world-class, long-distance runner. I can even sprint short distances no problem. I’m super fit, okay? I could do 10 km in my sleep easily. What, you think I slowed down and started walking after five minutes of light jogging? Please set your standards for me a little higher.

This goes to prove I shouldn’t make decisions at eight in the morning. Also, I probably shouldn’t draft blog posts at one in the afternoon the same day I didn’t get enough sleep prior to suffocating from a sea of teenage sweat I voluntarily waded in.

I might have gone slightly crazy cooped up in a subway cart. The result? This post.

My life in 3 words: sleep, school, and sarcasm.

I didn’t forget about adverbs in abundance.

Most of what I said was sarcastic by the way if you didn’t catch on, but you probably did because you’re smart. And I’m not being snarky when I say that.

A Life | A Short Story

“You saved my life.” Ron croaked. He was lying on a hospital bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines that made annoying noises. But Betty did her best to ignore the inanimate objects in order to focus on the living human being in front of her.

“No, the doctor who tended to you did.” She looked into Rob’s eyes, the pools of blue she never quite got used to. They were like whirlpools that sucked you in and refused to let you go.

Rob met her gaze before she glanced away. Betty scanned the bare but clean room with her dark eyes. She thought her bedroom was small, yet this space made her tiny apartment seem like a mansion.

When he started to cough, she panicked. “Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?”

Rob stopped coughing and smiled. “You’re haven’t changed one bit.”

She fell back into her chair, a hand on her heart.

He reached for her hand. She let him take it in his.

“You scared me there.”

“Sorry.” A grin spread across his mouth, exposing his straight teeth. “I didn’t think you’d react like—”

“Like what, huh?”

Rob patted her cool hand.

The room felt cold all of a sudden. Betty rubbed her free hand across the expanse of her forearm. She braced herself. “Rob, there’s something I need to tell you.”

His grin didn’t disappear. “What’s that?”

“I’m…” Betty pulled her hand away. Rob’s face fell but he composed himself quickly.

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just while you were, um, unconscious I found out that I’m…”

He leaned forward. “Betty, tell me.”

The door opened. She heard the sound of footsteps, recognized them even.

Gregory entered the room, carrying two containers of take out food. “Betty, you need to eat something. You’re feeding two people after all.”

Understanding dawned on Rob’s face. The grin reappeared. “You’re pregnant?”

I Love This Blog

I love this blog. (More than most things.)

If you do, thank you. (What’s not to love?)

If you like this blog, I like you. (Unless you’re a criminal.)

If you don’t, what’s wrong with you? (I’m kidding, kind of.)

In all seriousness though, today has reminded me that life’s too short. (So why would you waste your finite time on something you don’t love?)

Heart And Mind | A Poem

My heart pumps

My mind races

There’s still time

No one’s watching

They don’t care

But some girl does

That’s enough except

My mind slips

My heart sinks

What Blogging Does For Me

I don’t think non-bloggers truly understand how much my blogs contribute to my happiness and sanity. Sometimes it almost feels like my happiness and sanity is entirely dependent upon blogging.

Being a blogger is challenging but rewarding at the same time. 

What I really mean is blogging makes my good days better and my bad days a little bit more tolerable.

I can’t say that about most things.

You know what makes my blogging experience so incredibly amazing? Other bloggers.

I’m going to stop while I’m ahead, as in before I throw another uncessary adverb into this post.

If You’re A Writer, Stop…

Asking for permission. I don’t care how young you are or how much experience you have. You don’t need to ask for permission to create. You don’t need my permission. You don’t need your mom’s permission. And most importantly, you don’t need the world’s permission.

Pleasing other people. The only person you need to please is yourself. And that’s hard enough as it is. Do what you want to do. Create something you genuinely want to create. If someone isn’t pleased about it, that’s their problem. Guess what? Unlike your plot holes, you don’t have to fix it.

Wishing and wondering. Do you wish and wonder and dream and daydream all the time? There’s nothing more I can say. Are you working and doing? Now we’re talking. I know it’s difficult. I know you’re busy. I know real life sucks more often than not. Why do you think I escape to fictional worlds and never want to leave them?

If you’re really a writer, you’ll stop reading this blog post and start working. Remember Big Brother’s watching.

An Accident | A Short Story 

They had agreed to meet up at six o’clock on the dot. Oddly enough Tom arrived first.

He scoped out the area, saw no signs of her, and decided to wait in the car. Winter in Canada meant he did what he could to avoid freezing outside unnecessarily. Besides his car was warm, toasty even. Just the right temperature.

She didn’t return a single one of his texts. So he tried calling her instead.

The call went through, but he got her voicemail. Tom didn’t bother leaving a message. She never checked her voicemail, he knew that. She didn’t have to because she answered every call. Or at least the ones she wanted to answer.

He didn’t panic right away. Rather his mind tried to justify her tardiness. He wondered why she wasn’t replying to his texts or answering his calls. The longer he thought about her behaviour, the more worried he became.

She teased him all the time. In all their time together, six months to be exact, Tom left her waiting. She teased him even more when he took several hours to text her back. To be fair, Tom checked his phone less because very few people had his phone number. And even fewer people actually contacted him via cell.

They called each other often though. Usually Tom waited for her to call him. The times he had been the one to call her, she picked up. On the third ring at the latest.

Something didn’t feel right. His stomach started growling like it would when he felt hungry. But his hunger had nothing to do with it.

Making up his mind, he gunned the engine. He planned to go to her house, find out what was keeping her. A part of him figured she would have left her house by now, but if something had happened, maybe he could catch her at home.

Tom sped, driving faster than he dared to. He wove in and out of lanes. He ran red lights. He didn’t even make complete stops at the stop signs.

His phone buzzed as the beginning of his ringtone started to play.

“Ingrid?” He drove with one hand on the steering wheel and another on his phone.

“Tom?” The voice on the other line sounded nothing like Ingrid.

It took Tom a second to identify who the voice belonged to. Ingrid’s brother. “Isaac?”

“She’s in the hospital.” A pause before he added, “Car crash.”