Woman on the Edge – Samantha M. Bailey | A Book Review

Woman on the Edge - Samantha M. Bailey

Title: Woman on the Edge

Author: Samantha M. Bailey

Genre: Thriller

About the book: It’s a standalone novel about Nicole Markham who gives Morgan Kincaid her baby before she jumps onto the subway tracks in front of a train. When Morgan becomes a suspect, she has to piece together the last days of Nicole’s life to prove her innocence.

First impressions: The premise pulled me in, and I thought it had a lot of potential. I like the title and cover because both reflect the story well. The beginning sets up the rest of the story. I was interested to see how the plot would play out.

Characters: Nicole and Morgan are both flawed with different secrets and regrets. I think the book could’ve had more secondary characters to make it tougher to guess who the antagonist is.


“It’s amazing what you can get caught doing when you think no one is watching.”

Writing: It’s a short read at a little under 300 pages. The chapters alternate between Nicole’s perspective beforehand and Morgan’s point of view in the present. I found the story interesting, and the writing simple. The author explores postpartum depression, anxiety, and mental health. It wasn’t too descriptive or too dialogue heavy.

Final thoughts: The ending wraps up loose ends. It’s not the most realistic read, so at times, I had to suspend disbelief. I enjoyed the beginning and ending more than the middle of the novel. If you want to read a thriller about motherhood, check out Woman on the Edge.

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