Four Types Of Editors | Christmas Edition

I’m not even sure how to explain what I’m doing in this post.

Hopefully you understand. 


Adept. Hardened. Wise.

He or she delivers every time. And even though you might’ve been naughty, trust them to fix your comma splices, correct your dangling modifiers, and save your spotless reputation.


Charming. Easy-going. Funny.

Mischievously good at working miracles. It’s magic. 


Generous. Open. Reliable.

They know what they’re doing and they will do what they know how to do. You can bank on it.


Eager. Diligent. Unpredictable.

Don’t underestimate their knowledge. You might learn a thing or two from someone younger than you.

4 thoughts on “Four Types Of Editors | Christmas Edition

  1. LOVED the post. I learn tons from my students and from my younger friends. Heck, even some Senior Citizens are younger than me! My baby brother is a senior citizen! My gosh…I am OLD!!!


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