6 Things First Year Me Wants Second Year Me To Know

First year university me has some choice words for second year me.

Don’t commute home at 5 p.m. Just don’t.

Have a back up plan when your original plan backfires. It happens more often than you’d expect.

Write things down so you remember them. Remember the time you showed up to class when there wasn’t one that week? Hold the applause. 

Talk to others. 99.9 percent of the human population don’t bite. Even though you used to bite your cousins as a baby, you don’t anymore. Right? 

Know your values and find other people with similar values. Easy to say, hard to do. 

Take pride in your mistakes. It sucks to be wrong, but it sucks even more when won’t admit or accept the fact that you messed up.

Find washrooms that aren’t disgusting. If you’re lucky, find tolerable washrooms. Please. 

Third year uni me is counting on you.

19 thoughts on “6 Things First Year Me Wants Second Year Me To Know

  1. Talking to others… That makes me shudder.
    Though I agree with everything you said. Don’t commute home at 5pm? Yeah, big mistake…


  2. Talking to others in college was freakin’ awful. Mostly because I (and probably you too) don’t really think the same way as the average college student. 99.9% of them don’t bite, but a large majority of that don’t have much stimulating to say…

    And yes, commuting is awful. I leave work at 3:30 for a reason XD


    1. I agree completely. Explains why I love talking to writers and bloggers. That’s true. I was lucky enough to have found a handful of people who don’t bite and have something interesting to say. Haha, a smart move on your part. Don’t leave at 5. 😉


  3. Talking to others, yep! I try to remember that they are probably just as worried as I am. They usually arn’t going to brush me off or point and laugh or something… Well not yet anyway 😳


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