How To Write Happy Scenes

So the other day my friend and I had a conversation about writing happy scenes.

If you’ve read any of my creative work, you’ll know I don’t do happy scenes. 

I enjoy making my characters suffer.

My writing also reflects the fact that I’ve had anything but a happy childhood or a perfect life. 

But it got me thinking: just how does one go about writing a happy scene?

Here’s some tips I’d offer other writers:

Write a happy scene when you’re happy. Tough to talk about your protagonist jumping for joy when you have unhappy tears running down from your eyes. 

Make your character work for it. It’ll be that much more rewarding. 

There can still be conflict and tension. After all, people thrive during times of conflict. 

Listen to upbeat music. I don’t know about you, but if I listened to sad songs, I’ll start writing a sad scene. 

Base your characters’ happiness on your own. What makes you make happy? What brings you joy?

Of course, you don’t have to use any of my advice. But if you do, happy writing!

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