About Letter Writing

Writing letters to family members or friends is one of the most classy and sophisticated things an individual can do. But I swear humans don’t do this enough.

Getting an email is nothing like receiving an envelope in the mail.

Posting a comment on somebody’s Facebook wall is the not the same as writing a letter with a pen and paper.

Don’t you dare compare a text message to a hand-written message.

That is all. Have a wonderful, non-letter writing day!

2 thoughts on “About Letter Writing

  1. Copycat. I wrote about this not too long ago. And guess what I got out of it!? A pen pal! 🙂 the last letter I wrote her was like three pages. It’s soooooo great getting a letter in the mail.


    1. Oh please. This post was inspired from my writing a letter to a friend because it was her birthday. Like I need any reason to copy you. Ah, I used to have a pen pal. I wonder what happened to him…


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