What I Love-My Other Blogs: January 2016 

I’ve been loving the fact that some bloggers are finding and following my other blog, Explore China Today. Obviously I love the blog itself. To be fair, WordPress did a lot of the work for me. But I just want to clarify that I have no intentions of updating the site anytime soon. Maybe one day in the far future. If (or when) I travel to China, I’ll post any photos or stories there rather than aspiringwriter22. But as of now I’m leaving the blog the way it is.

Explore China Today Header

ECT was an old project for school, one I haven’t touched in years. I got the credit and left it up anyway.

Explore China Today still somewhat serves as a resource or reference point. Since about three years have passed, some of the information like flight prices might be slightly outdated. Okay okay. Very outdated. But I did my best back in grade 10 to ensure accuracy and relevancy in regards to the assignment guidelines. Of course oblivious and ignorant me didn’t cite all the images and information directly on the blog or otherwise. Please don’t sue me.

I don’t know how people are stumbling across ECT. I promise I didn’t intend for the abbreviated blog title to be an already existing acronym.

I might as well promo another blog I will be updating regularly for the next few months.Herminia Chow Blogging The Just City Header And Menu

Again, it is for school. Pretty much all my other WordPress blogs are (case in point). I’ll be writing about the city of Toronto along with social justice issues each week until the beginning of April. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll continue with it after the class finishes.

Guess who’s also planning to create a blog to blog about blogging for a blogging presentation? More on that to come. Possibly. I most likely will write a post unless I forget, which I’m prone to do. But blogging is a whole different matter because I love it.

4 thoughts on “What I Love-My Other Blogs: January 2016 

  1. I don’t think I even knew this blog existed… How did I not know that? I knew you just started the Toronto one and you also have that literacy one. You have a lot, lol.


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