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Happy Birthday Poem For Her (To A Friend With Rhyme)

I know I have written plenty of happy birthday poems already. See list below to understand what I mean. However, today is an extremely special birthday. This one goes out to an awesome buddy of mine who’s everything you could ever ask for in a friend. I just had to pen another happy birthday poem, especially for her.

Happy Birthday With Balloons

To the best girl on earth

I hope you understand your self-worth

You’re sweet, funny, and so kind

Better yet you have an open mind


You made me laugh when I wanted to cry

Not every hello has to end with goodbye

I know we’ll stay friends forever

Because I’ll support you in every endeavour


Cheers to you, seize this time

Everything you do is always sublime

I waited so long to finally say

Happy seventeenth birthday

Happy Birthday Candles

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