Best Childhood Toy

When asked about the best childhood toy, I said books. What other answer is there?

You should have seen the books I read as a child. And the books I didn’t read are even more surprising.

They are timeless. Books transcend time. More importantly, they are so much more than just toys.

Stories bring such great joy to my life. So we can’t be friends if you don’t like stories.

How does someone not like stories?


13 thoughts on “Best Childhood Toy

  1. I went through the eves in my bedroom this past weekend and I found a bin filled with old books I read as a child. I remember packing them away saying, “I need to keep these for my own children.”

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  2. I gave my half-brother, who’s 11 years younger than me, some of my favorite childhood books for Christmas one time. Unfortunately, I think he told me he never read them *sigh* I tried, lol!

    I mostly played with LEGOs growing up, and Barbies. But funny enough, I used both to build stuff, create characters, act out stories. I read a lot too, but I always enjoyed creating my own worlds more.


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