Why Writers Make The Best Roommates

Writers know a lot of things non-writers don’t. Like how to dispose of a body.

They clean. Almost always to avoid editing. Writers will dust the whole house from top to bottom, and do it twice over if it means putting off edits just a little bit longer.

Writers won’t invade your privacy. They’ll respect your space so long as you respect theirs. On second thought, they might not if there’s a story to be told.

They make great conversationalists. Writers will “listen” to you while thinking about their work in progress.

Writers are low maintenance. They just need to eat and write.

They tell the best stories. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll start to cry. Best of all, that’s free entertainment you won’t get anywhere else.

Writers take you with them to cool places. A writer only leaves the house for good reason.

They have good taste in books. Their shelves speak for themselves.

Writers know their way around keyboard shortcuts. Which makes your life so much easier.

They’ll introduce you to everything you need to know about writing. Hello, em dash and epistrophe.

Writers could be comedians. If you haven’t been blessed by their humour, you’re missing out.

They won’t let you experience a boring day. There’s never a dull moment around a writer.

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