A Good Writer Getting A Bad Mark In English Class?

The title says it all.

But really this post explains why sometimes the best writers do not achieve the highest grade in class. How can someone who loves writing not excel in English class you ask? Read on.

  • You know too much. Sometimes a little too much. You might argue that this is a good thing but ignorance can lead to bliss. In many cases, ignorance is bliss. For instance, you’ve probably read about every novel assigned to you and when the teacher asks you to make a prediction on what happens next, you can’t. You already know what happens next. Your teacher might suggest the all too common, “PRETEND you haven’t read the book.” But really? Can you ever pretend to not have read a book, especially if said book is your all-time favourite book ever. Now about that prediction…
  • Again since you know so much already, you end up bored. Why listen to your teacher explain how to write a short story when you do that every day anyway? Why pay attention to a lesson on dangling modifiers or comma splices or any other grammatical concept when you’ve committed the definitions/rules to memory already? Heck, why bother to attend class anymore? (I’m allowed to say “heck” right? Sorry if I offended anyone.)
  • Lastly, being a devoted writer means you’re most likely crazy at best or delusional at worst. So excelling in English class may or may not be one of your priorities since you’re probably working on a query to an agent or an essay that will be submitted to a prestigious periodical or magazine. So what if your inquiry paper is due tomorrow? Being published is much more fascinating, not to mention more rewarding than finishing all your outstanding assignments for a class.

On a final note, many writers have high expectations. So a writer’s definition of a bad mark is likely not that bad at all.

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