Creative Writing

Who Says? | A Poem

Who says you need

A superhero to save the day

A knight to sweep you off your feet

A prince to make you a princess

A shoulder to cry on

A hand to hold close

A heart to love yours

A song to call ours

A dance to remember

A house to call home

A dream to share

A life to grow old

Who says you need?

You have what it takes

To make yourself happy

4 thoughts on “Who Says? | A Poem

  1. It’s nice to remember you can be self-sufficient to meet so many of your needs. It is wonderful that young women today are realizing that. It reminds me of when a former student, who was about 26 at the time, was visiting me in my little town of Alvin, and she was trying on a vintage dress she planned to go clubbing in. When she came out to show me what it looked like, the salesclerk said, “Oh your boyfriend will like that!” Samantha turned to her and answered kindly, “I don’t need a man in my life to make my life complete.” I was sooooo proud of her!


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