Personal Reflection

Thinking About The Future

I can’t stop thinking about the future. More like worrying about the future.

I don’t feel ready for the real world. I have no idea what I’m doing now, much less what I’ll be doing after I graduate.

I thought everything would fall into place during my time in university. But the older I get, the less sure I am of anything.

I don’t intend to do more school. It doesn’t feel like the right path for me. I hope to work and write.

There’s a lot I want to do before I die. I’ll try to work full-time while pursuing my passions on the side.

Balancing everything is going to be tricky though. Ultimately, I need to decide what’s important to me.

I’ll make time, make sacrifices.

First things first, I should stop worrying and start working.

Even though money isn’t my biggest priority, it’d be nice to make enough to live a lifestyle I love.

10 thoughts on “Thinking About The Future

  1. Hiya. This article really touched me. I think your last lines are what everyone strives for. I am currently working a job I love (I’m a carer in an old people’s home), and I am pursuing my passion, writing, on the side. My part time flexi job is as a feature writer for my village magazine. I also of course write my blog posts when I can. And, as you know, I’m in the process of writing my first novel at the minute. Good luck in all that you do – I know you’ll do well! Xx


      1. Oh you shall read it one day (far in the future to be honest… it is only halfway through and will take years to finish).
        Good luck to you too with your blogging and writing, you are a fabulous writer – I enjoy reading all the things you post, I usually read new posts in my emails then comment on them on your blog because I enjoy them so much!


  2. Given what I’ve seen of your life (via your blog), I have no doubt you’ll find your way. Yes, it’s really hard to know what to do next–especially in today’s world. Still, I believe you’ll know when the time comes, and that you’ll follow your heart!


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