Copying, Stealing, and Plagiarizing

I’m frustrated and infuriated with several people who decided to copy, steal, and plagiarize my ideas.

If you’re going to use somebody else’s ideas, give them credit. If you can’t give them credit, don’t use their idea.

Don’t claim it as your own.

That’s just wrong.

See I’m okay with people being inspired by others or learning from them. In fact, I am all for it.

Individuals who think it is okay to copy and paste are my problem. It should be obvious that changing one word does not make the idea yours. Changing one word or one line does not magically make you the creator of the work.

To me, the worst kind of stealing is stealing intellectual property.

I guess these imbeciles want to deal with the wrath of a writer. As well as the wrath of someone who has dreamed of being an IP lawyer.

12 thoughts on “Copying, Stealing, and Plagiarizing

  1. Hang in there! I’ve had so much of my work copied on the Internet that I’ve given up chasing all of the lazy writers/copiers down. I think everything I ever wrote on HubPages has been copied infinite times with only a handful of people asking for permission to re-post the articles. I did hunt down the person who copied my book manuscript and sold it as his own on Amazon, though I didn’t go for the jugular and take him to court. Obviously your writing is very good or people wouldn’t keep trying to steal it!

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    1. Oh, that’s awful. Someone went as far as to copy your book manuscript? I think I would have taken him to court. I would be my own lawyer and fight my case tooth and nail. 🙂 Aha by that logic, your writing must be amazing if so many people feel the need to copy your work.


  2. I was somewhat flabbergasted with this. After all, you do have a copyright page up as well! However, upon reading some comments I see it was your school work… Still it’s just as bad… if they do it in school they’re just as likely to do it out of school, and isn’t this CHEATING? One can get thrown out of school for that! Hence, the seriousness of the matter.

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    1. Mmm I would like to think most bloggers and writers would never do such a terrible thing. 🙂 Yep, the punishment would be much worse if this happened in university. I want to see where their laziness takes them. 😉


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