New Blog?!

It’s happening. I’ll just need a bit more time to set it up completely.

I’m starting another blog. It’ll be similar to the writer problems I post on Tumblr, which I also named aspiringwriter22. I’m finally making and dedicating a blog solely for reader problems. (Because two full-time blogs wasn’t enough for me.)

You heard it here first.

Stick around. Hold me accountable. Shout or scream at me. That’s the only way this will work.

Soon I’ll have three blogs I manage entirely by myself. (This summer should be interesting.)

24 thoughts on “New Blog?!

  1. Yeah I have a few, but none manage to stay up to date… well my writerly one I work the hardest at! Maybe I need to take a page from your book, that is some serious dedication! How do you manage to keep up with two? Let alone three?


      1. Well recently I am been trying to write my posts a little ahead, that seems to help me a TON! Of course I wont be able to do that much in July, just because I am going to be updating about my NaNo experience and if I am actually achieving my goals.


  2. Good luck with that! I have many blogs ideas as well. Just haven’t had the time to put them together. If there was a full-time blogging profession, I would totally do that!


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