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Happy Birthday Poem To A Blogger (With Rhyme)

It’s someone’s birthday today! And this someone happens to be one of the best bloggers ever.

Happy Birthday

I want to be the first to greet you this way

To write you a rhyming poem on your special day

May all your dreams come true

May you turn the page and start anew


Your blog is the very best

You should probably get some rest

This year is yours for the taking

Those stories are yours for the making


Thank you for being you

Here’s to all you’ve been through

I hope you enjoy what’s to come

While marching to the beat of your own drum

Harry Potter Movies and Birthday Candle

Happy birthday, Rachel! Sorry for this cringe-worthy post.

Here are a ton of other birthday poems I’ve written:

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(I won’t do this again next year. Promise.)

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