Why Students Should Start (And Run) A Blog Continued

Yesterday, I wrote a post about why students should start their own blog. Today, I will continue with this idea since I wholeheartedly believe in it. If yesterday’s post wasn’t enough to convince you to start a blog, this is my second (and final) attempt to do so.

  • Blogging is amusing, relaxing, and encouraging. Yes, blogging is my idea of fun as it is quite amusing at times. And no, I’m not insane. And whenever I need to relax, I enjoy replying to comments, reading other blogs, and even drafting up future posts of my own. Finally, the support and comments I have received from my fellow bloggers have encouraged me to do what I love to do, motivated me to work harder, and inspired me to pursue my dreams.
  • Blogging teaches you to be concise, to play nice, and to understand that nothing replaces hard work and experience. You cannot write blog posts that are to the tune of a novel. Say what you need to say, no more and no less. You also have to interact with people online. And most misunderstandings happen thanks to the wonderful invention known as the World Wide Web. It’s easy for others to misinterpret, misread, and/or misconstrue your message and meaning. So be wary with everything you say on social media. If it isn’t nice, don’t say it. If it isn’t nice and you did say it, retract your comment. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Finally, about the last point…nothing will ever be a substitute for good ol’ hard work and experience. No amount of reading in the world will ever teach you how to run a blog. Yeah, you actually have to run a blog (for an extended period of time) to understand how to run a blog. Shocking, isn’t it?
  • Blogging will be better than everything you imagine it to be—including but not limited to—past decisions, present choices, and potential opportunities. OK, so that was a little pretentious, ostentatious, and perhaps a bit supercilious of me but you get my point. This is my guarantee: starting and running a blog will not be the biggest disappointment of your life. It could be the biggest regret of your life but I’ll leave that up to you.

If you haven’t noticed already, I have three reasons for a reason. As they like to say: good things come in threes!!! Now try saying that three times fast. And then read this post again and catch all the times I incorporated the rule of three. OK?

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging.

And if you already have a blog, go blog.

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